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Dr. Mikel A. Brown


Dr. Mikel Brown is an author, businessman, international speaker, and licensed clinical counselor who lives in El Paso, Texas. He is also an ordained minister with over 40-years of pulpit and pastoral experience. From a tiny garage and with only eight initial church members, Dr. Brown has been able to take a God-inspired vision and grow it into a vast enterprise with far-reaching influence. He is the 1983 founder and senior pastor of Christian Joy Center (CJC) ministries which presently operate in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. In 1998 he started and oversaw the turnkey construction of a 51,000 square-feet worship facility, and in June 2000, the congregation held its first service in the new edifice.  As the presiding Bishop of Evangelical Christian Church Ministries (E.C.C.M.), Dr. Brown provides guidance and mentorship to countless E.C.C.M. affiliated pastors and leaders from both CJC and non-CJC churches across the US. Operating with a powerful apostolic anointing, Dr. Brown envisions raising up pastors and planting no less than 100 churches throughout the US and bringing them under the spiritual leadership of the E.C.C.M. umbrella — the headquarters of which is in El Paso, Texas.  

Dr. Mikel Brown has been married to the lovely Debra Brown for 27 years, and together they have raised three wonderful children. He holds a D.Min. in Religious Studies, a M.S. in Social Psychology, and a B.A. in Sociology.

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