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Bishop Joseph L. Garlington Sr.


Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr., PhD is the presiding pastor of Covenant Church of Pittsburgh, a large multi-racial, cross-cultural Christian community which he and his wife Barbara founded in 1971. Covenant Church of Pittsburgh has been a model for racial healing and reconciliation for more than forty-eight years.

Bishop Garlington is an accomplished musician, recording artist, author, and scholar whose life and work have touched countless thousands throughout the world through radio and TV. He is internationally recognized in the religious community for his work and ministry in many churches in South Africa where he has traveled since 1979.

His preaching and teaching ministry, known for its humor and deep insight has made him a popular speaker at many national and international conferences, such as Promise Keepers, the international men’s movement, where he has regularly addressed thousands of men.

Bishop Garlington consults for pastors, churches, and organizations that are eager to develop similar models of racial reconciliation and healing as they have at Covenant Church of Pittsburgh. He has been married to Barbara Williams Garlington for more than forty-eight years. They share life with seven grown children, thirteen grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

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